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New Feature of Instagram users, now live for 4 hours

New Feature of Instagram users, now live for 4 hours

Good and big news for Instagram users is that the company has increased the limit of Instagram Live from one hour to four hours. That is, now users can live continuously for 4 hours.

Not only this, the company has also introduced another new feature of Instagram Live Archive that will keep users saved for 30 days. Apart from this, users can also post live videos on IGTV.

Instagram has shared a post on its official Twitter account. In this post clearly, the company has told about three new updates. It clarifies that the limit for Instagram Live will now be 4 hours whereas till now this limit was one hour. At the same time, users can watch their live video for 30 days. Apart from this, the Live Now section has been added to the IGTV app.

Let us know that till now live video of Instagram users was not saved. But after the arrival of the Live Archives feature, your live video will be saved here for 30 days.

New feature of Instagram

This means that you can watch the saved live video anytime in 30 days. But this video will be deleted after 30 days. Till now, Instagram Stories and Post were used as Archives. But this facility will also be available for the live section.

The Live Archives feature will also be present where your stories and posts Archives were available.

To find this new feature of Instagram, you have to click on the Haberger menu which is located at the top right of your profile. Here you have to tap on the Archive option, where the Live Archive option will be found.

The special thing is that you can also download the live video in Live Archives and you can also upload it on your IGTV video if you want.

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